Snowmobiling in Grey-Bruce

This article was originally published in the Winter 2021 Issue of Invest In Style Magazine 


Winter is a season of unique joys. If you find the right setting—that beautiful, natural spot where snow mounds up like fluffy pillows and drapes evergreens like Christmas garland—there is no season more beautiful. It’s places like this where you’ll be inspired to get out and play in the fresh air, to experience all the adventure that winter affords. That’s what snowmobiling in Grey-Bruce offers.



With plenty of white stuff and 3,500 kilometres of snowmobile trails, there are enough adventures in the region to ride to your heart’s content. And the range of trail options ensures there’s
a little something for everyone, from 
sedate bush trails for a casual ride to abandoned rail lines where you can really pick up the pace.




District 9 features a very scenic ride for the winter enthusiast. View rolling rural countryside in the south, which takes you through wooded areas, open fields and small towns. This leads to the Niagara Escarpment which cuts across from east to west just south of Georgian Bay, then heads north along the east side of the Bruce Peninsula, and slopes down to the sand beaches along the Lake Huron Shoreline.


The scenery is so spectacular that you’ll find yourself periodically bringing your sled to a stop just to soak in the vistas – the towering heights of the Niagara Escarpment, rolling farmlands buried in soft white mounds, winter-hushed woodlands, and the expanse of ice-encrusted Georgian Bay stretching out beyond the horizon. Trails access a number of notable scenic locations – Skinners Bluffs, perhaps foremost among them – that are transformed into something new and special once winter arrives.


What’s more, the trail system is entirely land-based, so sledders don’t have to cross ice. That makes riding safer and ensures trails remain open longer and more consistently.


Proximity to the GTA is another reason for the appeal of snowmobiling in the region. So too is the hospitality afforded by Owen Sound. Located at the base of the Bruce Peninsula, Owen Sound provides sledders with small-town warmth and big-city amenities. 


The town connects to many trails, and businesses – ranging from hotels to restaurants – to accommodate sledders.


Whether you are visiting for a day, a weekend or a week long excursion, District 9’s large interconnected snowmobile trail network will not disappoint.


In fact, one of the pleasures of Grey-Bruce snowmobiling is the feeling of being off in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by endless nature, when in fact amenities are close at hand. This will be of special relevance this winter as the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs notes trails will be packed with novice riders looking for outdoor recreation in the face of Covid-closures. They can rest assured that help is never far away.


For additional safety, those taking up the sport for the first time are encouraged to take lessons; snowmobiles are powerful machines that travel at great speed.


Whether you are a novice or veteran rider, indulge your winter fantasies in Grey-Bruce, where epic white-stuff adventure awaits snowmobilers. Or call 1 800 387 SNOW for up-to-date trail conditions