Real Estate Market Update | Muskoka, October 2020

Mid-October 2020 Muskoka Region Market Assessment



On a year-to-date basis waterfront listings are down dramatically in 2020 compared to last year as reported by Lakelands (10 percent). They continue to decline in October (19%) compared to October 2019.


Chestnut Park’s inventory over the same period has increased just as dramatically (by 24%) as overall inventory has declined and marginally month to date. As reported during our bi-monthly meetings this is a clear indication that Chestnut Park’s agents have captured a substantial increase in market share.



The Pandemic has had a very positive impact on the recreational marketplace in 2020. On an Association-wide basis reported sales are up by 38.3 percent. That increase, as eye-popping as it is, pales compared to the sales achieved by Chestnut Park agents in 2020. Sales within Chestnut Park (not counting exclusive and off market sales) increased by almost 75 percent compared to last year. Even into October, you are outpacing the overall market which once again clearly illustrates how startling our market share has grown in 2020 compared to other brokerages.