Green Gables of Bloomfield | Step Inside a Magical Emporium

From outside it appears to be little more than an inviting, redbrick Victorian building. But step inside and you enter a magical emporium. In the rambling building’s 11 spacious rooms you’ll find garden accents, greeting cards, specialty food, jewelry, dishes, wall décor, linen and bedding, toys, home furnishings and more – it’s like a department store, but with charm and warmth.


This article was originally published in the 2021 Winter Issue of Invest In Style Magazine. 


Green Gables Gifts and Greetings was founded in the quaint village of Bloomfield, 25 years ago, by Gary and Joanne Morden, who named it in honour of Joanne’s favourite book. The store never had anything to do with Anne of Green Gables but, like the acclaimed novel, it was always about a sense of place. Green Gables has become a beloved part of the community.




It might have been difficult for the Mordens to move on had they not found new owners who shared their ideals. To their delight, they did. Diana Cooper grew up in Bloomfield and knew and respected the community’s unique character. And, she had extensive retail experience. “Joanne said my husband, Gilbert, and I were fated to take it over, if no other than because of our names,” explains Diana. “If you know your Anne of Gable Gables, Diana was the name of Anne’s best friend and Gilbert was Anne’s husband.”



Ownership changed eight years ago, but much stayed the same. Green Gables remains a touchstone in the community, the go-to shopping destination for locals. “If you want some retail therapy, this is the place,” enthuses Diana. Its 5,000 square feet contain a little bit of everything, all expertly curated with the Bloomfield clientele in mind, all at affordable prices (the average price point, Diana assures, is less than $50).





While the selection of wares carried is undoubtedly appealing, the real key to Green Gables’ success is the personalized customer service.  “Many husbands will come in a few weeks before Christmas and ask us what their wives want for Christmas,” Diana laughs. “Because we know our customers so well, and because we work hard to find unique and on-trend items, we’re always able to point them to the perfect gift.”





That level of service inspires loyalty, and Diana notes that customers have been shopping at Green Gables for generations – mothers who brought their children to the store are now bringing grandchildren.


Just the Facts

Location: 286 Bloomfield Main Street

Phone: 613-393-1494


Instagram: @greengablesbloomfield


Written By Andrew Hind