Congratulations To Our 2020 Award Winners For Outstanding Sales Performance!

Much has changed during the pandemic, including the real estate market. The desire of Canadians to own their own homes and the shifting priorities of many prompted by the pandemic drove the real estate market to new heights in 2020.


Chestnut Parks sales representatives and brokers worked tirelessly and conscientiously to meet the needs of their buyers and sellers. They did it by vigilantly ensuring the health and safety of their clients, others involved in the transactions they facilitated, as well as that of the community. The homes their clients now own give them a sense of peace, safety and financial security. These pages recognize the overwhelming commitment of our sales representatives and brokers to their clients.

We also recognize that there are many negatively impacted by the pandemic. Chestnut Park will, in conjunction with recognizing its sales representatives and brokers, make a substantial contribution to the Community Food Centres of Canada, a nation-wide organization committed to uniting communities and providing wholesome meals for people who need it the most.




Here are our award winners: